At Complete Family Care, LLC we pride ourselves on great service for the entire family. We see patients from newborn to advanced ages and all stages in between. Our policy for acute health issues is to see patients as soon as possible. This means same day or next day service for patients established in the practice, so there is no need to go to urgent care for things like a cold or earache. You can be seen by a provider who knows your medical history and cares for your other health issues.

Dr. McBratney provides Obstetric care throughout pregnancy. Babies are delivered at Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital in Leavenworth. Mothers can then have the physician at CFC care for their newborns. During the hospital stay both Mom and Baby may be cared for by the same clinician.

At CFC all providers perform surgical procedures in the office, from laceration repair to mole removal. Many dermatologic issues can be addressed and treated in our office, including eczema and psoriasis.

By no means is this a complete listing of CFC’s services. If you have a particular question about a service, please call our office.